Flowering Shamrock 2007

Flowering Shamrock plants have green clover-like foliage with purple cross shaped markings. Flowering Shamrocks produce lots of small redish flowers, grow best in full sun or partial shade and grow to about 1 foot in height.

Shamrock bulbs

At three weeks

The four bulbs have sprouted, each with a thin stem and a four leaf clover.

At five weeks

Apparently, some animal decided to make a meal out of the flowering shamrock leaves. The creature must like the leaves' lemony taste and oxalic acid content. All of the foliage except for the ones from an additional sprout from one of the bulbs is gone. However, it looks like more sprouts are starting to grow from the bulbs.

At fourteen weeks

Addtional sprouts have grown to replace the eaten foliage. For many weeks, all of them were additional four leaf clovers. At about 11 weeks, sprouts containing reddish flowering buds started to appear.

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